Q: What's the operation system requirement on Mviewer?
A: Mviewer serials can support windows 2000/xp/vista/7LinuxUnixMacOS and etc. operation systems.
Q: What is the requirement on my display device/monitor when using Mviewer?

Any display device with VGA or DVI interface can work together with Mviewer, Mviewer can support different kind of display devices include monitors, TVs, LED display, projector and etc.

Q: What is requirement on graphic card which connects to Mviewer

To maximize the performance, the DVI output that connects to Mviewer should be a Dual link DVI output. For most of the graphic card produced after 2005 dual link dvi is a standard configuration. We have a recommended list on GPU, please refer to it or you can write to us to have detail support support@mviewtech.com.

Q: What is the difference between the three type of Mviewer three-screen expansion device
MV103-HDVI is an USB powered one, it is the basic version in Mviewer three-screen expansion family, it is easy to use and cost effcetive, but it lack the abilibty to cascade and large scale paralle use, it can not support engineering resolution speciel custermize. MV103-HDVE is the middle end three-screen expansion device in Mviewer family, it is powered by AC-DC power supply, and it is suitable for engineering usage, it can support cascade and large scale paralle usage which can build large display wall, it can also support custermized resolution and it has a serial port which was very useful for engineering user, it can support 4200x1050@60hz high end multi-channel projection. MV103-HDVE Pro is the most high end device in Mviewer three-screen expansion family, it adds FlexView technology to MV103-HDVE, Besides all the ability supported by MV103-HDVE, it was the world's only expansion device that can support 5040x1050@60hz and 5760x1080@50hz by single DVI port extension, which makes it the ultimate solution for three-sreen extension.
Q: can any application go across the screen border freely?
Yes, this is just the benifit of using Mviewer, any application include 3D application can be moved to any screen or across any boarder, because for the PC the three-screen is regarded as a whole big screen.